Fan & Blower Motors


  Single Phase Three Phase
General Purpose 1/4 thru 10 HP 1/3 thru 350 HP
PSC Type 1/4 thru 1 HP  
Two-Speed 1/4 thru 1 HP 1/2 thru 350HP
TEAO 1/4 thru 3 HP 1/4 thru 250 HP
HVAC Blower   1/3 thru 5 HP
Condenser Fan   1 thru 1 ½ HP


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Motors are designed with dynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration and quiet operation. The motors range in size from 1/4 HP to 100 HP and include heavy duty industrial designs as well as designs for commercial applications. These applications include ventilators, direct drive and belted fans, exhaust fans, unit heaters, air conditioning units, and commercial refrigeration condensers.




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